Fried Chicken- South Indian style

Oven fried Indian Chicken

I live in the Land of Kentucky Fried Chicken and as much as I like southern fried chicken, I sometimes crave my mom’s Indian Fried Chicken. In an effort to make it healthier , I bake it at 375 degrees Convection Roast and it is just as delicious. This has worked so well that I don’t fry chicken anymore. But, if you like it fried and can afford the extra calories, that is fine too.


– Chicken fryer pieces (thighs, legs and wings are best)

– Fresh Ginger (Grated)

– Cilantro (chopped)


Here is where there are plenty of options. You can go traditional and marinade it with tumeric and chili powder. Or, you can marinade it with some Patak’s Garam Masala mixture that you can pick up at any grocery store

Pataks Garam Masala paste

Be sure to marinade the chicken for at least a couple of hours if not longer. Overnight is ideal – but really, who plans that far ahead. Cover the pieces well with the garam masala mixture, add grated ginger and the chopped up cilantro to the marinade.

When you are ready, just fry it like you would regular fried Chicken.
If roasting/baking, just arrange it on a baking sheets before cooking it.

Serve with plain yogurt as your dipping sauce.