Chinese New Year 2010 – ushering in The Tiger away from home

I never thought I would miss celebrating Chinese New Year as much as I do – I am not even Chinese. That is the beauty of growing up in Malaysia, you celebrate everything your friends celebrate. I am fortunate to have good friends of various ethnicity. Chinese New Year meant Ang Pows (little red packets of money) , oranges, a slew of Chinese Dinners and the distant sound of Lion dance troupes as they made their visits. I also grew up in Pudu which had a huge Chinese population!

So now it is 2010, and I am in Louisville, Ky. trying to explain to my son why we celebrate Chinese New Year – even though we are not Chinese. He is quite excited – I think he remembers the little red packets of money from last year. In a bout of terrible homesickness during CNY last year, I decided that I would undertake the cooking of a 8 course Chinese meal, decorate the house with lanterns, invite a few friends who would help me celebrate and have a grand Chinese New Year Party. It turned out to be wonderful! So, that was the start of a new tradition.

The house is being cleaned today. My husband has already located all our Chinese New Year decoration (a decent collection from Petaling Street in KL where my husband loves to shop) and I have started on my menu.

My 8 courses this year will be. Of course, I reserve the right to change any of it since what I serve I think only matters to me.

1. Wonton Soup (this is my fav. soup plus I can get the dumplings in the first course)

2. Noodles (I am thinking I should have a Mee-Hoon dish or glass noodles)

3. Pan-Fried Cod with a Ginger sauce (I really cannot bring myself to serve a whole fish, so fillets it is going to be)

4. Leafy green vegetable stir fried (Bok Choy and Long Green Beans)

5. Prawn (spicy, Mongolian style)

6. Pork Ribs with Shitake mushrooms

7. Poached Chicken with Ginger and Chilli sauce

8. Lychees