Corbetts Restaurant In Louisville, KY

My husband introduced me to Corbetts a month ago as a surprise location for my Birthday Dinner. I cannot remember another restaurant that I have enjoyed more than my evening. I know it had to do with the company (my wonderful, long-suffering husband Jeff) and the carefree evening we were enjoying but ….

The food was excellent – we splurged on the Chef’s Taste which is a 5 course meal. Worth every calorie! We both enjoy good food and the details and splash of flavors was certainly a delight. Salad, Fish, Steak, dessert – all simply wonderful and just added to the evening.

The farmhouse setting was beautiful and table settings and decor was just a fine. The patio and wine skeller were just as nice.

The best thing about Corbetts (even better than the food), is their hospitality. It seems that everyone who works there has been schooled in Hospitality 101.

It was a great Birthday dinner and altogether a wonderful evening.