Cake Balls

It was Christmas Eve over a year ago that my friend Kyle was telling me how much she liked cake balls. She was telling me how to make cake balls (in theory) and I thought it was interesting that I had never heard of them.

Fast forward a few hours into the night, I was baking a delicious marble cake from scratch – with good quality chocolate. Unfortunately, I had not used a good quality bundt pan, and my cake literally fell apart. Now, I had invested close to $20 in just my chocolate, I was going to find a way to salvage this cake.  I remember the conversation earlier in the day about cake balls and there I was, at 11:30 a night, whipping up some homemade chocolate icing for what turned out to be the most delicious cake balls ever.

First the cake:

Make a good chocolate or marble cake. I would stick to a tried and true cake. It can easily be a boxed mix. Just make sure you have a nice and moist cake.

Let the cake cool. When the cake is completely cool, just crumble it with a fork and put it in a bowl – all crumbled up. Do this to the entire cake.


You can use store-bought frosting or feel free to whip up some homemade frosting.

Set aside a cup of frosting and gradually add it to the cake crumbles and start folding it and mixing it in. Keep mixing it until the cake mixture is nice and thick and all the icing is mixed in. Cool it off in the fridge for a couple of hour.

Then use a small ice=cream scoop and place small scoops on a sheet of wax or parchment paper. Or, you can scoop it with a spoon. Go back over it with your hand and shape it into nice, small balls.

Place them back in the freezer. You can buy cake pop sticks and go ahead and place each cake ball on a stick.

Finishing off the cake balls

Chocolate: Melt a bag of chocolate chips or a bar of some good quality chocolate over a double boiler. When it is nice and smooth put it into a bowl.

Prepare little bowls of whatever finishing touch you would like your cake ball to have – toasted or un-toasted coconut, diced up pecans, sprinkles, etc

Pick up a cake ball by the stick and lower it into the chocolate – once it drips and is smooth, dip it in your topping of choice. The chocolate should act as the glue and hold it together. Place the finished cake balls in the fridge or freezer. If you keep it in the freezer, be sure to set it out a couple of hours before your guests are to arrive.


– Chocolate (either chocolate chips or a bar of good quality Chocolate)

– Pecans, coconut, sprinkles

– cake pop sticks (available at Michaels, Joanne’s or anywhere else there are baking supplies)

– A baked cake

– Frosting