The whole weekend was amazing, wonderful and beautiful. We ate cookies and spent the weekend enjoying friends and family as they visited with us.

Here is the story behind Cookies and Cocoa. It is now an honored tradition that is important to the family – I think Andrew would revolt if there was no Cookies and Cocoa. The Open House makes it easy for friends to stop by anytime.

My list of cookies and Treats were:

Here are a few shots of the house and the party setting.



My friend Christa Sprouse helped me with all the flower arrangements. That girl is completely talented. She added beautiful touches throughout the house with roses and tulips and hydrangeas. With all the celebration, it is important for us not to forget why we are celebrating. It never fails to humble me that He came down and was born as man.


The tulips were semi submerged in water – this will be beautiful for a wedding as well. We set them around the house.


These are our beautiful sugar cookies – worked on by myself and Jeff. And, Andrew. The icing is delightful and this is best enjoyed with a cup of tea. We iced them with white, baby blue and green homemade royal icing – a nice Winter Snowy feel. They turned out amazing and taste so, so, delicious.


Our beautiful centerpiece idea! Roses and a bowl full of Christmas ornaments.


These Linzer Cookies are a family favorite. Andrew and I sneak one every morning before we head out for the day – which is why we were out of cookies by Christmas last year.They are filled with the most awesome rasberry preserve and the cookies just melt in your mouth.


Another popular treat this year were the yellow cupcakes with the homemade chocolate buttercream frosting.


A new addition to our menu this year was the Hazelnut Nutella Cookies which has earned itself a spot as a permanent menu item. It you love Nutella, this is the cookie for you.


For a healthy option, we snuck in some berries!!!


Beautiful dessert plates begging someone to eat off them.









One thought on “COOKIES & COCOA WITH THE DUNNS 2012

  1. Shareen, everything was exquisite! There was Christmas cheer all throughout the house, and too many pretty details to catch them all!! The food was wonderful, and as you know, I’m still salivating over the coconut cake! You and Jeff are always the most gracious hosts.
    Merry Christmas!

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