Clean & tasty food is part of our resolution for 2013


Life is so much better when it is lived with focus and direction. I am stealing that from the sermon at church this past Sunday. Personally, I do so much better when I have a few goals and I know what I am aiming for. Keeping with my character, I insist every New Year’s Day  that we have to make family resolutions. Jeff finally convinced Andrew not to fight it but just go with it. Wise man – my husband.

One of our resolutions this year is Clean food. Something we are hearing about a whole lot these  last few months. We We are not aiming for all the time or 100 % of the time but as much as possible. Still leaving a loophole for our french fries and other craving!  By the way, when I first mentioned Clean Food, Andrew’s was a little confused and asked what this means? “Are we just washing our food more?” #goodquestion

CLEAN FOOD – What this means for us

  • Trying our best to eat fresh foods, that is not processed, without preservatives. Keeping with local and seasonal offerings but eating food that is not smothered in sauce, out of a can or from the frozen section. Not being a snob about where we purchase our food, just being careful to eat food that is fresh and good for your body – and don’t forget, TASTY!!

It is not easy when balancing life and work to always have the time to make these meals and sit down together as a family. It does take planning and thinking and a commitment and setting achievable goals. Maybe not every night, but at least 2 nights a week.

My goal this year is to feature a few working mothers who are walking this walk daily. Woman who are balancing jobs, sports, homework, family commitments, food allergies, school and busy schedules and still, with quick shortcuts and some thoughtful planning, keeping to their clean eating routine. I have asked a few friends to guest blog, to share recipes, ideas for dinners and quick prep, and their thoughts on this concept of clean. I think it will be fun to introduce you to my friends and get to know them and share a few tips.

So, look out for my upcoming Guest bloggers in the coming days. If there is someone you would like to introduce, please let me know. I am always happy to check out new recipes especially at 4:30 when I start thinking about what’s for dinner.

On a different note, as I was thinking about clean food and listening to Dave Stone’s sermon  this past Sunday about focus in life , I am thinking that we, as a family, need to extend this concept of clean beyond our food choices. We need to extend it to include:

  • CLEAN CONVERSATION (And I don’t necessarily mean the language or choice of words)

As we focus on what we send down to our belly, I want to focus on what we send out to our minds, our kids’ hearts, what we say to our friends, what we post on Facebook & Twitter. We need to focus on edifying conversations, positive thoughts, building our kids’ confidence, positive feedback, encouraging friends to believe in themselves and convincing them they can conquer what they put their minds. We need to hang out with folks who are moving forward, wanting good things for everyone, people who are happy and enjoy friends.

Is this too idealistic. I don’t think so. There is always the bad. There is always the unexpected wrench. There is always sadness – this is life on earth, right. But, amidst all this, we can still be intentional about so many things and that will make all the difference.

I am looking forward to an exciting, adventure-filled 2013 with family and friends. I am looking forward to making great memories, conquering a few fears (like the playground slide, I am deathly afraid of going down the slide!) and walking alongside friends. And don’t forget, I am looking forward to some great dinners, lunches, breakfasts and snacks!