Advent Calendar 2014


I thought he was getting a little too old for an Advent calendar. My husband assured me that my son was too old for an Advent calendar. My son was appalled that I would think he was too old for an Advent Calendar! So, I scrambled and came up with this in a couple of days. The good news was that this year, I did not have to think up of challenges for random acts of kindness. This year, he has taken Random Acts of Kindness to a different level. Here is his website:

It was wonderful to see him wake up just a little more brightly so he can open Gift #1. And, it is amazing how an inexpensive mechanical pencil can make this little boy’s morning.

Everything that I wrapped is fairly inexpensive (except for  a few books). It is all things that boys need (lead for mechanical pencils, duct tape, post-it notes, highlighters, more mechanical pencils – just a random assortment of stocking stuffers – just brightly wrapped and opened every morning in December leading up to Christmas. What a great start to the morning for all of us.