Pan-Fried Lemon Tilapia

Inspired by Sole Meunier Recipe by the Barefoot Contessa Well, it is really cold and I don’t really want to go out to the store for sole. I do have a dozen Tilapia… Continue reading

Easy Chicken Stew with White Wine

This  was supposed to be a quick chicken stew for lunch based on what I had in the fridge and it turned out to be absolutely delicious. INGREDIENTS: 6 pieces of chicken thighs… Continue reading

Tuscan Lemon Chicken – Menu for 2009 New Eve Dinner

We always have a few friends over for New Years Eve. This year, it was 2 other families and we enjoyed a quiet, delicious dinner together. It was an easy, comfortable and kid-friendly… Continue reading

Cookies and Cocoa with The Dunns

I love Christmas. The best memories of my childhood and my adult years are of Christmas. Christmas is more than just a holiday, it is celebrating the birth of Christ – a time… Continue reading

Turkey Omelette – 2009 Thanksgiving leftovers

I know that there are so many recipes for leftover turkey for the day after Thanksgiving.  Here is a quick and easy recipe to combine some of that yummy turkey in an omelette.… Continue reading

Roast Turkey with Fresh Herb Butter – Thanksgiving 2009

I think it was always meant to be a coming together of cultures.  At the Dunn’s this year, it was a time to be with close friends and enjoy each other, give thanks… Continue reading

Thanksgiving 2009 – Roasted Fall Vegetable

ROASTED FALL VEGETABLES This is my favourite side dish to any meal. Ingredients: Potatoes Sweet Potatoes Carrots Turnips Bell Peppers Cauliflower Fresh rosemary Olive Oil Directions You slice the vegetable into similar sized… Continue reading


A few of us have been meeting for over 7 years now for our International Food Nights. We usually pick a country/region and make food from there. Our group has grown over the… Continue reading

Strawberry Cake with homemade icing – easy, quick and yummy.

Here is a recipe for strawberry cake from (,196,133185-242193,00.html) that I personalized with some minor modifications. It is super easy, extremely tasty and looks great too. It starts with a box mix… Continue reading

Fried Chicken- South Indian style

I live in the Land of Kentucky Fried Chicken and as much as I like southern fried chicken, I sometimes crave my mom’s Indian Fried Chicken. In an effort to make it healthier… Continue reading